Finding Mercy in Chaos

August 31, 2016

Paris. Dallas. Turkey. Baton Rouge. Nice. San Bernardino. Brussels. Orlando. Milwaukee. The last few months have been a raging ocean of breaking news headlines, politically charged social media posts, and an undeniable sense of insecurity and uncertainty. Each one of the headlines has been characterized by its own unique pain. As a young American Catholic who hasn’t experienced such consistent unrest before, I can’t help but cry out, “Where are you, Lord?”

The perfect love of God is such that God chooses to love us who are completely unworthy of his love. This is the mercy of God.

~ Mike Pacer

Created in Mercy

August 23, 2016

God wasn’t bored. He didn’t need to create us or our world. The created world is not God’s “Lego set.” God doesn’t sit on a couch with a bowl of popcorn and watch us for entertainment, although it would be the ultimate “reality show.” Perhaps, like an image from classical art, we imagine God as a lonely old man…

Marrying the Rosary to the Divine Mercy Chaplet

August 12, 2016

Discover the rewards of uniting two of the Catholic Church’s most beloved devotions. In this new booklet, Shane Kapler provides 20 reflections demonstrating the riches that flow from interspersing our praying of the decades of the Rosary with the Divine Mercy Chaplet. By marrying the two together in this way, the mysteries of the Rosary reveal the Cross’s relationship to every aspect of our Lord’s life, and the Chaplet becomes a means for joining Mary at the foot of her Son’s Cross and invoking God’s mercy upon ourselves and our world.