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August 23, 2016

God wasn’t bored. He didn’t need to create us or our world. The created world is not God’s “Lego set.” God doesn’t sit on a couch with a bowl of popcorn and watch us for entertainment, although it would be the ultimate “reality show.”

Perhaps, like an image from classical art, we imagine God as a lonely old man in the clouds, but nothing could be further from the truth. God is eternally a Trinity of Persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is the perfect lover, the perfect receiver of love, and the perfect flow of love between the giver and receiver. God is the perfect community, the perfect family. Nothing is lacking in God that would cause him to look outside himself. God is complete and needs nothing. He did not need to create us. And yet, he did. So why did God create us? Because God is both love and mercy.

If it were possible to separate perfect love from perfect mercy, then it would seem there was no reason for God to create us because the perfect love of God is expressed fully in the love of the Trinity. In the Trinity we find the lover, the beloved, and the act of love. That God doesn’t need us to be Love can be seen in the fact that we were created and are not eternal. Since we did not always exist, we cannot be the recipients of love by which God is defined as lover. Otherwise, before our creation, God would not have been Love.

But, perfect love is perfectly generous. It cannot be contained. The perfect love of God is such that God chooses to love that which is undeserving of his love. That is, God loves us who are completely unworthy of his love. This is the mercy of God.

Excerpt from Mercy and Hope by Mike Pacer.

Mike Pacer

Mike Pacer practiced as a Chicago trial attorney for fourteen years before hearing a all from God to "just leave." Mike and his wife, Lori, are the founders and directors of Evangelize All Ministries, an apostolate that promotes a powe more...