If You Want Mercy, You Need To Give Mercy.

February 10, 2016

We must feed the hungry or be damned. Now you must be thinking: “OK, OK, I should start to do something.” But thoughts and good intentions are not enough—you need to turn these thoughts into reality. So what are you going to do?

What will you do on Judgement Day when you stand before God and he asks you: “Why in your lifetime did an average of twenty thousand children in the world die every day because of hunger-related causes?” Will you say, “I am not sure, God, but they were not my kids,” to which he will respond, “No, they were mine?” The point is that we need to make sure we live what we believe and that we prepare ourselves for the final judgement. We shouldn’t do any of this out of fear or guilt, but out of mercy and love!

Almost everyone I have ever met desires mercy, but if you want mercy, you need to give mercy. I often wonder what would happen if I were the one who needed food. Or what if a member of my family needed food? I would do everything in my power to have that need fulfilled. The people who need to be fed are our brothers and sisters and God’s sons and daughters, and whatever we do or fail to do for them, we do or fail to do for Jesus.

So what does “feed the hungry” look like practically? Well, we can begin by deciding to start giving money on a monthly basis to support one of the organizations that care for feeding the poor. You can adopt a child in a poor country. You can give money to a food bank. You can volunteer at a food pantry or an organization that feeds people. You can make sandwiches and take them to the homeless. You can carry change in your pocket, and every time you meet a beggar, you give him or her something, even if it is just a quarter. You can take food to a neighbor who is shut in and does not often get a home-cooked meal. There are many thing you can do; you just have to do it.

God wants to use you for his glory.

Fr. Larry Richards

A gifted and captivating speaker and author, Fr. Larry Richards has directed hundreds of retreats, parish missions, and conferences for young and old alike. His inspirational talks, presentations, and books–always authentic and enthusi more...